Our Story

Through working in the fashion industry in varying capacities, a pair of likeminded mates identified a lack of personal expression in the available streetwear for young males. Unable to find unique pieces in the current market, the boys found themselves shopping at overpriced vintage stores, to express themselves through their fashion. 

Alfie’s Mission was born, discussing the issue over a few beers, resulting in the creation of the main character... Alfie!

A confident, outgoing man, unfazed by the expectations of others and society. Comfortable in his own skin and clothes, Alfie is the larrikin we all would like to be. Empowering you to feel like Alfie is our mission.

We aim to challenge fashion trends by creating unique pieces, while meeting quality, style, comfort and affordability demands.

Beyond helping you look your best, Alfie’s Mission, an Australian brand, hopes to empower all of its customers to feel confident in their clothes and themselves. Having started over a few beers, we hope you can enjoy a few in the comfort and style of our clothes.